“Consecuencias” in Game On!

Game On! is an exhibition of artistic and experimental videogames in Argentina. This year it is being held in the cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires. More information on the website: http://gameonxp.com/

I’m participating with my conceptual game “Consecuencias”. I cover topics such as Slavery of the player, Sadomasochism, Society and religion, Suicide and others. It is nice to see different interpretations from the players around the topics of the game.

When the exhibits end I will talk a little more about the game but right now if you have the chance to come to play it I prefer to not spoil anything.

The pictures are from the Inaugural event.

Expo CROMA Universidad de Palermo

I exposed my videogames in the event CROMA in the University of Palermo in the city of Buenos Aires.

Thanks to Nicolas Chiari ( @nchiari) and Alejandro Iparraguirre ( @aleiparraguirre) for the organization. Thanks to Valeria Limonoff, Sol Echevarria and the technical team of the UP for the organization of the event.

Estuve participando con mis videojuegos en el evento Multidisciplinario CROMA de la Universidad de Palermo en Buenos Aires.