Wake Tembac up

With only one button you can explore mazes, drive tanks and race cars.


The arrow points in the direction in which the player will turn with each button press.

Blue diamond changes the direction of the arrow.

Blue circles make the player go in circles.

With the cannons, you have to press the button in the correct moment.

The game is hard at first but it can be completed in less than 5 five minutes.

Play the game with any key of the keyboard, left Mouse button or joypad button 1.

If you don´t know what to do try to push the button.


Game made by Agustín Peréz Fernández www.tembac.com


For the Gamma 4 contest.

Music by Bleepshit – We can’t Die, Coz We Are Living!.mp3 from http://www.myspace.com/bleepshit


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