Psychedelic Experiments

Using videogames technology, I created an amorphous work of art without author. The computer controls the element under rules proclaimed by the creator. The player acts modifying these rules. The work of art is endless but foreseen.

Something to be a videogame has to have players and an objective. Traditionally one player is the user and the other is the computer. The computer has the objective of introducing the elements of play that live inside a set of rules predisposed by the creator. In the beginning there were commandments, fixed and irrefutable laws that the computer had to follow. Then with the progress in the machine’s intelligence they were granted with the free will, the endless possibility of choosing between a number of possibilities inside the limit of his comprehension capabilities. The superior mind understands more things but he cannot predict them.

The human player also has an objective and a set of rules. The difference with the computer is that he can break these rules, generating bugs.

In these games there is no preset objective, but the player can create them. It is possible to take pictures of the action to generate a new work of art that becomes detached from the original. The objective of the player is the aesthetic pleasure.

Videogames are abstract. Each game creates their own codes that only are understood by the devoted player. My program generates new codes based on the colors and the chance.

The fine arts made experiments with the interactivity. I propose to let the work of art in the hands of the viewers, to generate in them a false sensation of complete freedom.

The game is endless. It can work to accomplish new estates of mind according to the predisposition of the player. It can relax the ones that are relaxed or irritate the ones that are irritable. Elements that aren’t naturals nor created by the hand of the man mixed together in an alchemy that can generate an estate of hypnosis, meditation and virtual madness.


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