2 minutes rpg

Free roaming rpg made for the adva RPG contest. www.adva.com.ar. it can be played in 2 minutes. I wanted to put almost everything that is entertaining in an rpg (exploration, quests, battles) in only two minutes.
It’s ideal for people who don’t have the time to play for hours but want to play an RPG.

Featured between the best rpg indie games of 2009 at indiegames.com : http://www.indiegames.com/features/index.php?c=sr&y=2009&gid=0

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  • Excelent game, it takes only 2 minutes!! for real!
    “humm, i’m in breaktime, i’ve a couple of minutes… what can i do now? I know! let’s play 2 minutes rpg!” :)
    You have several endings, enemies and stuff to find out.
    Have a great time!

  • Well-done.
    Less is more.

  • very interesting site, i have bookmarked your blog for future referrence, thanks

  • Excellent execution of great idea. I love those “quick” games and this one is not an excusion.

  • Can anyone tell me any hints about the ancient treasure?

  • Never mind, I found it. Although its extremely difficult to get all 3 objectives in 1 game… I havent yet been able to do it.

    It’s really annoying that when you’re in a dungeon and an enemy shows up, you auto-attack and miss.

  • By the way, I am asking you to fix that bug by that last post :p

    You shouldn’t auto-miss(or rather, the game doesn’t register you not clicking before the battle starts… clicking the explore button does not reset the variable or whatever) the very first round of combat in dungeons.

  • Hello,

    Hint for the treasure:Look for an old man

    Great concept, great game, very funny, and maybe addictive(it is now two hours i play).

    Would like to know is it possible to solve the three quest on one game?

    I have also tried to bash as much dragon as i can, my record is twenty so far…

    Thanks for that and see you

  • yes, you can get all the quest on one play.

    The positions are random you you have to pay atention to the details, have lucky and find out some patterns.

  • Yea agree that auto-miss at beginning of battle is annoying but wicked fun overall.

  • This reminds me, very specifically, of an RPG I played about ten years ago… is there any chance these graphics and sprites were picked up from one? I haven’t played it forever and can’t remember the name, but I’d love to find it again….

  • Yes, they are public domain.

    You can find them here: http://rltiles.sourceforge.net/

    And they were used in nethack and dungeon crawl. Maybe the game you were thinking was one of those.

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