About me

My real name is Agustín Pérez Fernández and Tembac is the way that I sign things in the internet. I was born in 1984.

Since very young ages I’m interested in video games. I got my first apple computer when I was six years old. I know a lot about old school games and always keep the track of the new trends.

I created several games that got a very good response in community forums over the internet. In 2003 I won a game making contest with “Super salta y dispara” (“Super shoot and jump”), a fun platform game.

I did several game play research since that game and in 2007 I made “Las aventuras de un pixel” (“Pixel adventures”) that got very good responses between gamers and developers. Last year the music band “De las Aguas” hired me to make promotional games for their album.

I also graduated from the “Universidad del cine” in Buenos Aires and worked a lot in movies and commercials, almost all of them for internationally known brands like Nike, Orange or Vodafone.

My scripts were selected to be shooted in co production with the university. “Bajo Tierra” (“under ground”) was screened in I-sat, an Argentinean television channel in 2006.


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