Intimate Stories: EGP September


With a group of Indies from Argentina, Fernando Ramallo and Martín Gonzales, we decided to make an experimental prototype per week.  The first week was at the same time as the Experimental gameplay project so we decided to take his theme.

The theme was “Story Games”.  At first, I was only sure that I didn´t want to use the theme as an excuse to tell a story. The prototype I developed consists in letting the player and the computer the task of creating it.

The player interacts with the system placing items on a grid. These elements can be diseases, religion, hobby, job, education and a wall. She can also place babies of different genders.

The person the player places on the grid interacts with the different elements and the other people in different ways according to his personality. Each thing changes the personal story of the habitants of the grid.

This way, the creatures can fall in love, have friends, estudy, work, get married, have kids, hate, murder, etc…

When one of these creatures dies, the player can choose to save his story of life. Each character wrote a journal with every of his experiences of his personal life. These journals are saved in the game folder.

Then, the players can read these stories and take the ones they like the most to make his own tale based on those little virtual creatures.



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