Tembac exposes in Centro Cultural Recoleta

Well, Tembac has been a bit busy lately, with tons of interviews, for newspapers, magazines and even radios!  So he wasn’t able to update this News section, and kindly ask me, his cousin, to do it.  I’ll begin by posting this awesome piece of news that he is exposing, right now, at Centro Cultural Recoleta.

For a spanish version of this post, feel free to read the one I posted in my website.

The exposition is going to be held at CCR, Junin 995, CABA, Argentina, from the past Thursday to this Sunday, scheduled from 2pm to 9pm.  It’s name is “Game ON: El arte en juego” (Game ON: the art being played) and had a lot of repercussion.

Tembac will be introducing his latest production specially made for the gallery named Objeto A (Object A) invited by Fase 3, a game-art named Vestigios (Vestiges), and the whole presentation is being cured by another world-recognized indie dev: Daniel Benmergui.

The game-art is about two opposing battleships, whose mission is to eliminate the opponent.  Each player controls a ship, with a Microsoft XBox controller, provided by them.  But the main idea of the game is to create visual art while playing: each ship leaves a colour trail behind, and that composes a beautiful picture.  Those brushes are on top, and ships are invisible, so it’s not that simple to destroy the opponent.  And, it’s actually not the point :)
After a while, the game becomes quite addictive, specially when you are winning.  Wait… ¿when are you winning? To find that out, visit the exposition and see it for yourself.

That’s how the screen might look while playing.  Some of those paintings were made in yesterday’s exposition at the gallery.

“Even if you aren’t a gamer or don’t like videogames – says Tembac – you can’t miss this because very good examples of one of the most modern and more important forms of art of the XXI century is going to be displayed”.

Tembac tell us that

I took as a source of inspiration for avant-garde artists. The way in which viewers interact is inspired by the “action painting ” of Jackson Pollock. The typeface that makes the different events is reminiscent of the work of Lichenstein or introductory titles of the film “Enter the Void” by Gaspar Noe. The colours chosen and the overall aesthetics are inspired by various authors of the Pop stream.

Although visually inspired by these artists advantage is taken of the digital image by modifying it in real time to create an audiovisual work that is only possible on a computer.
Each player participates in and adjust the work as if they were the artist. The objective is to modify the other artist combining stealth with action.

Players control their character with the left stick and can shoot in four directions using the colored buttons. Depending on the color of the button pressed is the color of fire. If the shot hits the other player that is modified in size and color. Each player may be amended 9 times.

Each controlled character leaves a trail of color, this allows stealth hiding in plain sight using color. Each player can stalk his opponent confused about their location to gain strategically.

Although if players wishes they may also choose not to compete and instead work together to create the image they want. If players simultaneously press the start button, they can end the game.

The production is created during installation and every game leaves a mark. The final image is stored and saved on a public server on the Internet for each participant to download.

The link to those saved painting is this one: http://tinyurl.com/galeria-vestigios

Every new day of the exhibition, more pictures will be uploaded.

Right now, Agustín P. F., aka: Tembac, is one of the most recognized Argentinian indie game developer, and has lately have a large impact on local news:

Experimentar, parte del juego (2011-05-05) – Clarín
Radio interview at 8:30am http://t.co/Hoz2Aqd (2011-05-03) – BlueFM
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And many, many more in the last month.

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