Mantra selected in the Experimental Gameplay Sessions at GDC

I´m excited to announce that my new game “Mantra” has been selected to be presented in the Experimental Gameplay Sessions at gdc!

A lot of cool projects were selected the years prior, for example: Katamari Damacy, Today I Die, Flow, Braid, Portal, etc. There are always fresh and amazingly creative ideas presented so it is a real honor to be selected.

Mantra is my new game. I didn´t released it to the public yet so If you want to have the first look and you are going to attend the GDC, come to listen us Thursday at 1:30pm

There is a nice selection of speakers this year and I can´t wait to see the other projects.


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  • Hey, nice to see you´ve been selected. I´ll be presenting there too! Can´t wait to see your game, that screenshot looks very nice!

  • Thanks!

    I really like your game too and I’m happy we’ll meet.

  • Hey Agustin, great meeting you at the GDC speakers party! Hope you had a safe trip home.

    I’m back in Toronto and wanted to play Mantra but I can’t find the download link.

  • The game is not released yet. I got a lot of feedback on the gdc so I will work on the game a little more.

  • Hi Agustín. I saw Mantra at the Experimental Gameplay Sessions, and it looked great. I had been hoping to show some other people the game––do you have any videos of it while you’re continuing development?

  • Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your comments on Mantra. I didn´t release Mantra because I want to improve the game and I didn´t had the time to do it properly yet. Send me an email (Is in the about section) and I can let you try the version I have so far.

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