Back from GDC

I´m back from my first GDC. It was an incredible experience and I met wonderful people.

I´m amazed about the indie community and how cool they are.

Left to rigth: Daniel Benmergui (Today I die), Martin Jonasson (Prototyrally), Terry Cavanah (VVVVVV), Unknown cool indie (Shame on me), Erin Robinson (puzzle bots), Pablo Weremzuk (Vox Populi, Vox die) and Petri Purho (crayon physics)

Tembac with cool shirt, Terry Cavanah (VVVVVV), Jim Greer (Kongregate CEO)

Cactus (Tunning), Tembac.

Me, Yoshio Sakamoto (Metroid, wario ware and ballon figth)

Daniel Benmergui (Today I Die), Hernan Rozenwaser (Today I Die Music)

Daniel Benmergui, Tembac

Ian Bogost (A Slow Year), Cactus (tunning)

Cactus enjoying his prize

Daniel Benmergui (Today I die), Jason Rohrer (Passage), Tembac

Daniel getting ready for take off

You can check out all my pictures here:


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